The Healing Voices Choir

Thanks to Jackie for coming up to introduce us to the Healing Voices Choir. The Choir meets every Thursday in Stafford and sounds like a lot of fun. No talents required – just turn up and join in.

Their website can be accessed by clicking on the scan below…

County Hospital Fundraising

County Hospital

The staff and outpatients of the County Hospital ENT department held a Christmas fundraiser for Head and Neck charities. The event was organised by Amanda Middleton and Nina Gazzard. A BIG thank you to all concerned, as the expected amount to be paid to Headcases is likely to exceed £1500.00.

Jackie Miller will be announcing the final value in the near future.

Mouth Cancer Foundation Award Ceremony

We’ve been liaising with representatives of the Mouth Cancer Foundation and have now fixed the date and time for the cheque handover ceremony. It will be held at 12.00 on Wednesday the 5th April 2017 at the ENT Clinic. Wendy Robson is our hospital contact. Fred and I intend getting there between 11.30 and 11.45.

We’re expecting the press to be there and photos to be taken for both the local press and the Hospital Newsletter so it’d be great to see a few members there if possible.

Fire Safety Talk

Thank you to Rihana from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. We enjoyed an interesting and informative talk at the last Headcases meeting.  A couple of websites were mentioned and are well worth a look:


You can register your appliances and be told of any recalls or fire safety concerns. Click on the above logo to visit

Product Recalls

This site lists known recalls of electrical products. It is searchable and packed with good info.

Below are scans of some useful services and top tips for Fire Safety….


Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Award

Mouth Cancer Foundation

On 23rd Feb we received a letter from Dr Vinod K Joshi of the Mouth Cancer Foundation advising us we have been awarded £1000.00 in the fourth Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Awards organised in 2016. We applied for this in December and to quote Dr Joshi:

“It gives me a great pleasure to let you know that your group has won the grant to contribute towards more publicity material to maximise awareness of the group, the set up of a transport system for patients to reach meetings and to increase the range and frequency of events.”

Needless to say we’re delighted, and look forward to receiving the cheque from the sponsors Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. We’ll publish the date and time for this in due course!

The Mouth Cancer Foundation site can be accessed by clicking the logo above and to quote Dr Joshi once more:

“I founded the Mouth Cancer Foundation in June 2004 to be a professional support organisation solely dedicated to helping people with mouth, throat and other head and neck cancers deal with the crisis of cancer. Through a variety of ways the charity gives resources, information and contact with people in a similar situation at a difficult time.”

Dr Vinod K Joshi